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Glamping Village TOTONOI
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"Totonou(trance experience)" in the private sauna
Private glamping with a view of Mt.Fuji.

Glamping Village TOTONOI opened in Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, about 90 minutes from central Tokyo,
where boating and wakasagi-fishing activities on Lake Yamanaka are popular.
A total of 6 dome-shaped cabins are equipped with individual toilets and showers,
with specifications that allow guests to enjoy their private space in a relaxed atmosphere.
In addition, METOS's two saunas which are the first in Yamanashi's glamping facility are available
for private use: the igloo sauna and the trailer sauna "ASEMA".
You can enjoy your own private sauna experience.

8 highlights

spectacular view

Great location with a view of Mt.Fuji
Glamping site of all 7 cabins with a spectacular view

cruising on Lake Yamanaka, and fishing are popular in Yamanakako-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji from the site and two types of saunas.
Each cabins also has a dedicated garden of approximately 100 m2. Enjoy the beautiful nature as much as you like in the private space.


There are the tents with a dog-run!!
Three types of dome-glamping you can choose

We have a total of 6 dome-shaped glamping cabins, of the "Standard 4-bed" for couples and families, the "Dog Run 4-bed" with a dog run, and the "Connect Dome" for group travel.
We also have a "dog run cottage" where you can stay with your dog.
You can enjoy a glamping experience that can only be enjoyed at Glamping Village TOTONOI Fuji Yamanakako.

About Accommodation with your dog

glamping sites

Two types of private saunas
The "Igloo Sauna" & "ASEMA" first introduced in Yamanashi's glamping sites

Two private saunas are available here, METOS's "Igloo Sauna" and the trailer sauna "ASEMA", the first of their kind to be introduced in Yamanashi glamping facilities. You can use the sauna which you like for a full 90 minutes for private use.
In celebration of the opening, we will rent them out for free for now. Please enjoy the "Totonoi" experience while viewing Mt.Fuji.

Fee: 3,000 yen/90 minutes
Time: 15:30-21:00

For the ultimate

Enjoy the private sauna as much as you like
For the ultimate "Totonoi" experience

In order to make your sauna experience more enjoyable, we have surrounded the sauna facility with a 1.8m high wall, which is rare among glamping facilities, so that you can enjoy your sauna without worrying about other people's eyes.
We also provide a variety of sauna goods. Enjoy the private sauna as you like, with bathrobes, sauna hats, aroma water, etc. You can enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji with sitting on the "Totonoi" chair. We will provide you with a superb Totonoi experience that you cannot experience in any sauna.

Bonfire Experience

In the private garden
Bonfire Experience

Each cabin has a private garden of over 100 square meters. Surrounded by a hedge, you can enjoy nature to the fullest without worrying about the eyes of others.
The private garden also has a fire place, so spending time with family and friends around the fire is an experience that can't be replaced by anything else.

Yamanashi glamping BBQ

locally produced and consumed, our elaborate ingredients
Yamanashi glamping BBQ

Yamanashi is famous for its fruit and wine, and the ingredients grown in the spring water of Mt. Fuji are all delicious. We have prepared a satisfying menu that includes not only gorgeous meat and fish such as Yamanashi brand beef and rainbow trout grown in Fuji spring water, but also freshly picked local vegetables in season.
We also offer an overnight stay without meal plan you can bring food/ingredients by yourself, so you can bring local ingredients you like and enjoy your original BBQ.

All cabins have individual showers, toilets, and eating areas

Private glamping in safety in the pandemic
All cabins have individual showers, toilets, and eating areas

Individual toilets, showers, and eating areas are provided in the deck space of each cabin so that you can feel at ease even in the COVID-19 pandemic .
Individual toilets are located adjacent to the tents, not inside the tents, in consideration of women's comments that they don't want others to hear their noise in the toilets.


Women would like
the complete set of amenities and facilities

We have prepared a full range of amenities for children and women who are not comfortable outdoors.
We have prepared towels, toothbrushes, and other basic necessities so that there would not be any inconvenience during the stay.



the complete set of facilities

  • BBQ space

    A separate BBQ space is available next to each dome tent. Since there is a roof and walls, you can enjoy BBQ even in bad weather.

  • Toilet/shower room

    Each dome tent is equipped with a toilet and shower room.

  • Fully air-conditioned

    The dome tent is fully air-conditioned. You can spend comfortably in any season.

  • Parking

    Free parking is available on site.

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Glamping Village TOTONOI Fuji Yamanakako

315 Hirano, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0502


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